Best Wine/Cheese Pairing for Your Holiday Meal

You know what goes well with that holiday meal you are preparing? Wine and cheese of course! Holiday meals can range from the classic turkey, ham, prime rib, or something entirely different based on your family likings and traditions. You may even be starting a new tradition and cook something else entirely. Whatever it may be, a good wine and cheese pairing will go with ANY meal this holiday season!

Pouring white wine into glass on table with cheese board top view

Of course there’s no better place for an amazing wine and cheese pairing like wine country! Whether you are visiting Napa Valley over the holidays, or if you are bringing home some great wines from your recent trip…we have you covered. We’ve rounded up these popular wine and cheese pairings so you can come prepared for your next holiday gathering.

Whether you have a nice wine and cheese board as a precursor to your holiday meal, or are looking to bring a bottle of wine to go with your holiday meal…you can check out our suggested pairings below!

White Wines

3 glasses of wine on table with mountain view in the background

If you are a fan of a nice white wine, we’ve got the perfect pairings for you! Typically, a white wine will pair well with a meal of seafood, chicken, or turkey since it’s usually a lighter meat.

If you like a nice sparkling wine/champagne, then a good cheese to pair would be a nice brie or something light and mild.

With a sauvignon blanc, the wine is more crisp and refreshing. The best cheeses to pair with this wine would be brie, cheddar, parmesan, feta, and more!

For a chardonnay that usually has rich flavors such as butterscotch and oak, you can try a creamy option like fresh goat cheese! Some other popular cheese pairing options would be brie, parmesan, or gouda.

For pinot grigio, you will get a more clean, dry wine but a creamy cheese pairing would also be a great option for this wine too! So goat cheese like we mentioned above would be great, as well as swiss, mozzarella, and gruyère.

For a transition into the reds, we’ll first touch on a rosé. Like some of our previously mentioned white wines, a rosé also pairs well with some goat cheese.

Red Wines

two wine glasses with red wine and assortment of cheese and salami and olive oil

Red wine is a great option for those holiday dinners featuring beef, ham, or lamb. Usually the darker meat pairs well with a nice red wine, but really personal preferences are also important. If you favor a certain type of wine, stick with what you like and you can’t be disappointed. These holiday meals are customizable to your certain likes and while these suggestions may help narrow down some options, always choose what you like best!

If you love a good cabernet sauvignon or franc, then a blue cheese option is the best! You can also pair with a brie or cheddar cheese as well. A bold wine goes well with a bold cheese!

For a nice Syrah option, you will find that a cheddar, parmesan, or gouda cheese option would be best.

If you like a Malbec, usually a bold red with fruity flavors, then a cheese with some body to it would be a great option. You can try a traditional aged cheddar or a manchego cheese.

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