Try ‘Vinyasa in the Vineyard’ Next Time You’re in Napa Valley!

Vacations are all about relaxation and rejuvenation, and we have the best activity for you to try the next time you’re in Napa Valley! With stunning vineyard views and the serene ambiance of the Napa River walk try reaching for Zen when you stay with us at RiverPointe Napa Valley with ‘Vinyasa in the Vineyard’. This easy, do-it-yourself activity is the perfect addition to your wine country vacation.

Grab your yoga mat and stroll over to the lawn to try your warrior pose, and don’t forget to bring the wine! Yoga is the perfect activity for vacation for a sundry of reasons.

  1. No stress here

When you are enjoying your vacay you are already focused on relaxation. Take that one step further. With every inhale, exhale, and stretch feel your stress melt away.

  1. Go away calories

What this means is you can have more wine! You don’t have to do high impact exercises for there to be an impact on your waistline. While we know calories don’t really exist on vacation it will help you indulge a little easier knowing that you did a little something good for you.

  1. Get stronger

Seriously, need we say more? Do the work, it’s fun!

  1. Perfect your posture

When our posture is straight, you look more confident, you are helping the longevity of your body, and you help with neck aches. Your head is heavy, this helps you hold it high where you should!

  1. Smile

Yoga can increase your serotonin levels and can make you happy. Add that to vacation and wine, you should be smiling for days!

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