Spotlight on Napa Certified Green Wineries

You might be thinking there isn’t anything more to love in Napa, but what if we told you that 40% of all the certified green wineries are in Napa County! Luckily for Napa visitors, finding an eco-friendly winery experience is easy. The Napa area has a long history of treating the environment right. We want to spotlight a few of the amazing certified green wineries in the Napa area, so visitors can be sure to check them out on their next trip!

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First, a little history of the Napa region and the surrounding land. Over 50 years ago, Napa county became the first “agricultural preserve,” which meant that the land would remain as beautiful as ever! Due to this law, everyone gets to enjoy all the beauty of the lush greenery, rolling hills, and more that encompasses Napa. Now, many wineries stay committed to taking care of the environment and being certified green. If you are looking to visit a certified green wineries, look no further than all the amazing options that Napa has to offer!

We thought we could break it down by region, so starting with Southern Napa Valley, is the White Rock Vineyards. Part of their environmentally-friendly plan is their use of “green manure” crops such as bell beans, rye, and clover which is helpful during the cold, winter season. The result of this means that the estate has never been subjected to herbicides, pesticides, or fumigants. This certified green winery is a must-see for all wine lovers visiting Napa!

Another certified green winery in the Southern Napa region is the Trefethen Family Vineyards. Modern-farming techniques meet old-world Napa in this beautiful winery! The three-story wooden winery was built back in 1886, making it a historic landmark. In the 1960s the land was purchased by the Trefethen family, and is still in the family today. Some of their green initiatives include using recycled wastewater to irrigate, bringing in barn owls and bat boxes for pest control, and not to mention being 100% solar powered. Winery flights start at $40 per person, and tastings at The Villa start at $65 (reservations are required). Be sure to check them out!

Heading into the central region of Napa, there is Cakebread Cellars. One of the leading wineries when it comes to sustainability, this stop is definitely a must for your itinerary! Employees are even incentivized to come up with new and innovative green ideas. This winery is known for their delicious chardonnay, along with their amazing food pairings. The quality is really one of the best! Tastings start at $50 per person.

Another certified green winery in the Central Napa region is Spottswoode Estate. This women-run winery adapted organic practices back in 1985, and they were later certified in 1992. The women here work with specialists to use practices such as composting and planting cover crops. Also Tesla owners can charge up at this winery! Tastings are available for $75 per person and require an appointment.

Heading to the Northern Napa region, there is the Phifer Pavitt Winery. This winery is built on sustainability, literally! The tasting room was built from recycled materials, and the vineyards are organically farmed. They offer eco tours and tastings so you can better understand all of the green initiatives of this winery! Appointments are needed for tastings, so plan accordingly.

Lastly, in the Northern Napa region, there is the Amici Cellars. Not only does this winery strive to create delicious wines that will also age perfectly for decades to come, they also leave a positive impact on the environment. They have several sustainability practices they use on a daily basis. A few of these are energy tracking, water temperature control on boilers, recycling all corks used in the winery and tastings rooms, and so much more!

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If you are planning your next Napa trip, be sure to book your stay at RiverPointe Napa Valley and add some of these amazing certified green wineries to your experience!


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