Old Faithful Geyser of California

Looking for a fun day trip on your next visit to Napa Valley? Look no further than a visit to Calistoga to see the Old Faithful Geyser of California! Crowds have been drawn to this geyser for hundreds of years. Deemed as one of only three geysers in the world, its eruptions are steady and predictable which makes it one of the most visited places in the US. Plan your trip today and check out this wonder for yourself!

Old Faithful Geyser of California was declared one of only three “faithful” geysers in the world because of its regular eruptions.

Geysers are geological wonders that require the perfect amount of energy, fault lines, and heat and water sources. Old Faithful Geyser of California has also proven to be an earthquake predictor in California. When its eruptions have become delayed or diminished, they say an earthquake has happened within a 500 mile radius.

This magical spouting water stream has been known among Native American tribes to have healing powers. The water was used to heal aching muscles, and the surrounding mud was used to treat things like sunburn and bee stings.

Gingo Tree, Napa Valley

You can also experience an amazing rainbow that forms from the sprays of mist that come off the geyser. Still to this day, Old Faithful Geyser of California remains one of the most photographed places in the state of California. Be sure to plan your day trip to this serene setting at the top of Napa Valley, and book your stay at RiverPointe Napa Valley today!


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