Unique Wineries in Napa: Jam Cellars, Castello di Amorosa, and more!

With so many wineries to explore in the Napa Valley area, it can be hard to narrow down your itinerary. There are numerous wineries that give you that classic feel for the Napa Valley region, but if you’re looking for unique wineries in Napa Valley we have the inside scoop.

If you are someone who is looking for a unique experience, different than anything you have experienced somewhere else, then check out these wineries that are special to Napa Valley and will create lasting memories!

napa valley wood sign in the vineyard

First up is Jam Cellars, which you might have guessed from its name, is a wine and music studio. They have taken over Downtown Napa with their eclectic, music-driven space that incorporates their exclusive wine and tasting options into their culture. You can find music-themed decor and food options here in addition to their robust assortment of wines. Of course live music can be enjoyed by visitors here, and for all those music lovers out there this is definitely a must see on your next trip to Downtown Napa.

Another unique winery in the Napa Valley area is the Castello di Amorosa, which is a winery located in a castle! This Tuscan-style castle winery is right in the heart of Napa Valley, but you will feel like you have traveled all the way to Italy. This stunning and unique experience allows visitors to explore the castle and enjoy a delicious tasting experience of their exclusive wines. Since this is such a unique experience, advanced reservations are encouraged so be sure to plan ahead on your next visit.

Napa Valley Castello di Amorosa winery in a castle

There is also a winery you can visit that is underground and carved into the side of a hill. Jarvis Estates is known for their innovative winemaking techniques and underground atmosphere. The owner, William Jarvis, wanted to create a winery that would be both environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Their signature wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon, so if you are a fan of this wine and want a memorable experience, be sure to check them out.

These unique wineries, and many more, are all waiting to be explored on your next visit to Napa Valley, so be sure to book your stay at RiverPointe Napa Valley today!